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Services List
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Shirt Laundry
  • Leather/Suede Cleaning
  • Wedding Gown/Christening Gown Cleaning and Preservation
  • Expert Alteration
  • Same Day Service

services overview

Dry Cleaning

At North Pointe Cleaners, our dry cleaner and spotter has over three decades of experience in the fabric care business.  All your garments receive the highest care possible.  Each item is handled according to its specific care label and special garments receive the individualized care and handling they deserve!
Our 65 lb front-loading state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine does an outstanding job! Even large items such as quilts, bedspreads, down comforters, shams, duvet covers, blankets, sleeping bags and draperies can be cleaned and professionally finished.
North Pointe Cleaners is especially known for its special care of delicate and color-sensitive fabrics. Did you know that over time the fabrics of your clothing can weaken and become sensitive to chemicals and tension? We identify these characteristics and take special precautions to protect your garments. All buttons are hand wrapped in foil so they don’t get damaged. Formal gowns are dry-cleaned separately with the utmost care. To protect bead work, lower temperatures are used to prevent melting. Special fabrics are placed in net bags in order to prevent damage such as ripping or a run. We take great pride in the work we do.

Pressing and Finishing

All garments at North Pointe Cleaners are triple inspected to be sure all stains have been removed.  They are pressed and finished by hand to assure the highest quality of care. Formal gowns are delivered on a fitted form, so they hang well in your closets. We are happy to honor any special requests for your garment, such as crease or no crease, in order to best serve you.

Shirt Laundry

The detergent used to clean your shirts ensures the whitest and brightest shirts. There is no starch build-up and less shrinkage, giving you a better looking and longer lasting shirt. Our care specialists examine every shirt before laundering. Any stains receive special treatment and collars and cuffs are pre-treated.  Four different starch levels are available: none, light, medium and heavy. Through our careful inspection process, each shirt is hand finished and missing or broken buttons are replaced.

Wedding Gown/Christening Gown Preservation

North Pointe Cleaners is dedicated to making sure all heirloom garments receive the special care they deserve. A wedding gown or christening gown will represent the most special days in your lives and need extra care. They receive expert cleaning, finishing and then are preserved for years to come in an acid free box to eliminate yellowing of the fabric. This special care preserves your keepsake garments.

Leather/Suede Cleaning

At least once a year, your leather garments should be professionally cleaned in an oil-based solvent in order to avoid cracking and to restore its smooth soft sheen. North Pointe Cleaners sends its leathers and suede to the best leather specialist in the area. We know that these professionals meet the highest standards in the industry and have great confidence in their ability to clean and finish leather and suede garments, without shrinkage or color loss.

Expert Alterations

Our expert seamstress can professionally hem clothing, replace zippers, and repair tears. She can also take in and let out seams as needed. In fact, we can accommodate most needs for alterations.

Same Day Service

We know that there are times you need your order to be completed the same day. North Pointe Cleaners offers same day service for your convenience, Monday through Friday. Drop off your order by 10 a.m. and pick it up by 5 p.m. that same day. Some garments needing special care may require more time.